Dickson D., Age 8

Charllotte D., Age 14

Rejoyces S., Age 2

Saviour A., Age 6 months

Children’s Sponsorship


  • $25 per month – School Fees
  • $50 per month – School and Daily Feeding Fees
  • $75 per month – School, Feeding Fees, Medicine
  • $100 per month – School, Feeding Fees, Medicine and Medical Care
  • $150 per month – Total Cost to Care – School Feeding Fees, Medicine, Medical Care, Housing

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A Story of Surviving & Thriving

Eugenia at age 3.

I was introduced to Eugenia in early 2017 when she was 3 years old. Eugenia’s parents had passed from AIDS and she was desperately sick, living with her grandmother. The picture on the left was just before Eugenia was admitted to Sr. Justine’s hospital in critical condition, near death. Sister Justine asked PFHS Outreach to assist. Eugenia needed to be transferred to a hospital capable of caring for her but her grandmother couldn’t afford that level of care. PFHS Outreach provided the funds.

Once at the better-equipped hospital, By the Grace of God, Eugenia made a remarkable recovery. In early April of 2018, I spent time with her (left photo below) and her grandmother. Eugenia was a 4-year-old full of life. She ran around singing during my visit and is a gift to all who know her. After her recovery, Eugenia was sponsored monthly by a compassionate donor. She has maintained good health with the help of her sponsor. With the sponsorship, she has been able to receive proper nourishment, supplements and vitamins.

In September of 2019, she started school for the first time as a 5-year-old in Kindergarten (right photo below).


~ Michael Barry

Eugenia at age 4.

Eugenia at age 5.

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