Located in Avenui, Volta Region, Ghana 

Who We Are

The mission of School and Health Centre is to serve vulnerable children. Our objective is to give each child the opportunity to reach their fullest potential. Our School will be a loving Christ filled environment that will provide world class education for children who would otherwise not have the opportunity to attend school. The Joy Health Centre will provide medical care for the children of PFSHC and the surrounding local communities.

What We Do

We Are There

The School and Health Centre is a Catholic organization that is located in the Volta Region of Ghana, West Africa. PFSHC stands together with local and global communities to serve the poorest of the poor, and we are proudly in collaboration with the Ho Dioceses. All are welcome.

We Provide Pre-K Through Grade 8 Education

St. Francis School will use a Catholic based curriculum to provide holistic learning opportunities that develops the mind, body and soul of all of our students. It will be an environment where children can learn and experience new challenges that will help them build their confidence while exploring the world around them through play, athletics, art, music and core curriculum. A foundation of our school will be a robust professional learning community, that supports our professional teachers as lifelong learners. Our classrooms will be digitally enhanced and most importantly we will champion a safe, nurturing, and Christ-like atmosphere.

We Provide Healthcare

The Joy Health Centre is our medical clinic, that will operate under the Volta Region Ministry of Health. It will be staffed by Board Certified Physicians and licensed Registered Nurses. A fully equipped laboratory and a pharmacy will be onsite in expectation of 5,000 patients per year. Our second addition will also include a maternity wing for new mothers.

We Do Community Outreach

The School and Health Centre has been involved with community outreach in the Volta Region since 2015. Past programs include tuition assistance, school book giveaways, sports tournaments, housing assistances, counseling, medical support and hunger relief.

We Provide Ministry

The School and Health Centre will be a place of evangelism and sharing of the Gospel. The PFSHC will use its outreach, education, and healthcare activities to exhibit the life of Christ in word and deed. Our institution is inspired and led by the Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Church of the Ho Dioceses. Our staff will also include a spiritual based laity and once the St. Francis Chapel is built (Phase III) an assigned chaplain.

We Rely On People

The School and Health Centre is a grassroots movement that has been established through the work of many hands across the globe. We are so grateful for the donations, prayers and support we have received as we help each child reach their full potential. We invite you to be a part of the PFSHC journey in any way that you feel called. We believe that helping others is humanity and we are all One body in Christ!

Our Causes

Child Sponsorships 

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