Joy Health Centre

In Memory of Dr. James V. Joy

James V. Joy, III

The Joy Health Centre broke ground in 2019 in memory of Dr. James V. Joy III who died tragically on a glacier in Argentina at the age of 54 while attempting to ski all seven continents.

Jim’s passion for life, his friends, his beautiful wife and daughters, his colleagues and his patients was unparalleled. On a scale of 1-10, Jim lived his life to an “11,” always.

As a graduate of Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, he was widely known as a tremendously skilled physician – but those who knew him well knew that his family, his faith in God and his Catholicism provided the foundation and the moral compass by which he lived his life. Jim had a deep intellectual interest in the teachings of the church, and he strove to use those teachings to guide his life. More importantly, he lived the tenets of his faith every day, emphasizing compassion and forgiveness over judgement.

His funeral Mass at Gonzaga University where he attended regularly in Spokane, WA, was attended by over 600 people, including a family who stated their newborn child would not be alive today without Jim’s insight and dedication when they needed it most.

Dr. James V. Joy

Dr. James V. Joy lived his life to the fullest while helping all.

Dr. Jim loved his wife deeply and completely, and he loved his daughters fiercely. He is shown here with his wife, Dr. Lori Joy; and their daughters Katie and Audrey.

Dr. Jim enjoyed his ski trips all around the world, including this trip to Japan.

The Joy Health Centre

Jim needs your help to make The Joy Health Centre an “11”!

Jim’s plan was to join his sister, Susan, one of our advisory board members, to help the children in our mission. He is greatly missed by so many so we pay tribute to him through our acts of compassion through our charity. Join us with a donation of any size* and be placed on our Wall of JOY** in “His” Health Centre.

MATCHING: All donations up to $10,000 will be matched by his sister, Susan Joy, and her husband Marc Minker.

Wall of JOY

Your help is critical!

Any donor who would like to submit a photo of themselves will be transferred onto on a 16 by 20 canvas on the main wall in the health centre to welcome the children.  Funny, goofy, elfish smiling was Jim so send photos to us, especially one with Jim, but not necessary.  Contact for photo submission.

The nearest hospital is almost an hour away so our children are counting on your support to provide the health care they so desperately need! We partner with the government to provide salaries to the staff so we just need to fill the centre with equipment and supplies.